Troy Porter

What does that “D” stand for? His mom put “Deane” on his birth certificate but around here it stands for Dedication, Determination, and Dependability. Troy Porter is a man of many talents but above all else Troy is a man who believes in the value and necessity of personal & professional honor. He lives his life, each & every day, with that as his guiding principal. It is reflected in every action he takes and in every choice he makes.

When I say that Troy is a man of many talents, I am not exaggerating or ingratiating; it’s just the truth. Troy is the guy who I know will figure it out and get it done, no matter what the challenge I might toss onto his plate. He is calculating and intuitive, he is intelligent and 100% honest; he is dedicated to finding our team’s future success and to keeping my feet firmly on the ground. Troy operates in pretty much every area of the business from harvesting to farm management, facilities construction and logistics. His invaluable contributions over nearly 20 years here have set the stage for the success of this business and his forthright honesty coupled with an unerring sense of logic are traits that I deeply respect and try very hard to emulate. Pretty much everywhere around here, from our field operations in Texas and Florida to the new Ecotreat operations; out in the fields at Texas American Tree Farm or over at the Houston Palm Station, look close my friends; you will see Troy there, hovering in the background ready to step in and step up to guide his team mates to their own success or to take the reins himself and lead by the powerful example he sets.

TroyChamp1I have known and loved Troy all of my life. I turn to him in all things and rely upon him to create reality from the strategies I conjure up. I know for a flat out certainty that he will sensibly guide me when he sees me heading off in a foolish direction and that he will support me when I make a choice and set the course. When he speaks to me I hear only the honest truth and in his words, thoughts and deeds I find careful deliberation and well conceived strategies. Troy Porter is the personification of who we are as a professional team. Standing next to him one feels his strength, determination and dedication and our entire team, with me standing right at the front of that line, is comforted and inspired. Troy is my truest friend, he is a steadfast, reliable professional and he is one of the finest human beings that I will ever know. It is understatement to name Troy a Groundworks Champion; he is that & so much more to me and to all of us here. Have you ever met Troy? He is easy to find because he is the guy on the front line; he is center stage when something new is happening with us and he is everywhere that I can’t be but feel I need to be. He is out there in the world, moving from place to place and from task to task, representing the best of who we are and doing his utmost to move us to tomorrow in one piece. Troy Porter is truly a Champion in every sense; we are fortunate to have his skills, dedication and leadership; I am deeply honored by his friendship and the love he has shown me over the years.