Medjool Date Palm - Canary Island Date Palm - Expert Palm Doctor Services

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Groundworks specializes in variety certified Medjool and Canary Island Date Palms. Our high quality Date Palms can be shipped anywhere in the United States where the local climate supports their use. If you have a need for low priced Medjool Date Palms or Canary Island Date Palms our quality and swift service are sure to satisfy.

Groundworks offers Palm Doctoring services including expert palm disease diagnostics and palm maintenance instruction. We are palm experts and can help you fix your sick palm trees.

Groundworks is also the ultimate export nursery offering broad availability of species that can be shipped soil free to states and countries that do not allow soil imports. Our new patent pending soil removal/root encasement process, Ecotreat, is a revolutionary new method of root mass preparation that insures healthy root systems and vibrant plant material even after weeks in a container. Our wholesale plant export division is budget oriented offering the best prices and value in the industry. When you think Export Nursery-think Groundworks; our availability is second to none and our technology ensures high quality and excellent value.