Pete Martson

You are in a place where real things happen; your heart beats at the rampaging edge of change; its slick blade cutting swiftly & surely through the realities of today blending & exposing the realities of tomorrow; You move with that fine edge; an integral component in a kaleidoscope of chaotic events & activity; conscious, perceiving & grasping a momentary future in our here & now and presenting those interpretations as visions remembered and memories committed in the swirl of our constantly changing lives; You touch the moment and mix the next; Your days count; they mean something significant because you create the perception of all of our todays and tomorrows; Yours is the moment of realization; the spark of imagination; that intense singular moment when inexplicably and against all convention, you just “know”; Yes, you are indeed in a place where real things happen and it is you...

Mr. Peter Martson is my friend and I love him. He is our face and our name; he is our presence and it is from his imagination that we are presented to the world and made to shine so brightly. He lives in a place I cannot truly fathom. It is a place I can glimpse but that I see only as a complete picture because to try to see into his domain amongst the pixels is staggering and confusing for me. Pete lives comfortably there; amongst the tiniest pieces of the realities he creates; deep within a string of code that is endless and that is spawned from his powerful, emotional, creative self. He is one of those very rare individuals who breach the barrier of “Good” moving all of us closer to “exceptional” in the eyes of our industry peers and the world at large. Pete is the driving force behind our advertising programs here at Groundworks and he is the master creator of our web platforms. His skills & innovation portray us in ways that our clients understand & appreciate using means and methods that our competitors simply envy. He constantly challenges himself to learn new things in the realm in which he lives, always bringing forth that new concept or fresh approach that will form the next step in our quest to teach the world who we are and what we do together.

Pete is an intuitively creative personality; a blend of the factual & emotional that is to me the definition of genius. He walks that fine line between reality & fantasy and it is during that daily journey that he often sees a thing no one else can see. He snatches it from that place and brings it forward into our here & now presenting it to all of us often to our sheer amazement. Amazement not just of his profound technical abilities & innate intelligence but of the notions & nuances he marries into messages that inspire our imaginations and those of our customers.

PeteCHAMP1Mr. Peter Martson is the heart and soul of our heart & soul here. He is quietly sensitive and addictively endearing. He is an artist who vibrates with creativity and who cares deeply about the family we are. I feel Pete’s love for us in his smile and he shows me, every day that he stands firmly as my ally and brother; a man to be respected because he is truly genuine. Pete Martson is unlike any other person I know or have known and I am better for being allowed to stand at his side. His insights and talents drive my own creativity and his love & loyalty remind me of why it is so important that we take care of each other.

Pete Martson is the embodiment of my dream of who a Groundworks Champion is; a person steeped in integrity & loyalty, a person who challenges the edge of convention and who sees that being exceptional is the only goal. Peter Martson isn’t out there on site with the boys; he may not be present out in the middle of the chaos we call home out in the field but believe me when I tell you; in all that we are and in every portrayal of our lives together, the essence of this wonderful man is amongst us.

Click the link people; watch the creative genius of this quiet, unbridled personality unfold before your eyes and then wonder, as I do every day, what will come next? He is sitting over there right now; I hear him conjuring on his key board and I know that whatever it is that he is whipping up, I am going to be left wondering; Wow, where does that come from? Frankly, I am just a little afraid to explore those places with no horizons and really, I don’t need to know the origins of things; I am content to know they come from an intricate place that Pete roams freely within and that he comfortably calls his home. I know that if I were to visit, he would be a most congenial host but I also know that Pete likes his privacy so I refuse to intrude. Truth be told though, I do often wonder about the wonder of that ethereal place in which my friend Pete finds his inspirations but hey; I am more a “here & now” kind of guy and going there I just might get lost. Can’t have that can we?