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Palm Doctor


Palm Doctor / Palm Disease Specialist
Unique, field proven solutions to heal sick palm trees

George Nottingham, our founder and president is not a doctor. He doesn’t hold a degree in horticulture or in plant pathology so if your needs include an academic pedigree, he is not the right consultant for you. If you are looking for someone who can quickly and accurately identify the issues plaguing your palms and who can formulate & implement field solutions that are guaranteed to deliver the results promised, you have come to the right place. George has booked literally thousands of hours of real world field experience with palms and has developed what has been described as an “instinctual &  intuitive” understanding of what is happening with them. In fact, his insights are a result of his blending of those experiences with countless laboratory results and the research of some of the finest clinician’s in the field but once you meet and chat with him, you will understand that his recognition of the scenario goes far beyond the obvious. George doesn’t “guess” what is going on with your palms; once he is ready to speak, he will tell you exactly what is wrong and he will show you exactly how to fix it. That is his commitment and if you follow his instruction and your palms and you do not achieve the results he promised, he will refund your money. All of it.  

George is interested in learning from and solving difficult issue onsite. This part of his professional responsibility is a labor of love for him but his time is severely restricted so he is selective with respect to the cases he can accept. Where the issue is seriously challenging and the customer polite & friendly, George will consider engaging the site and accepting responsibility to cure and then rejuvenate the palms that were the subject of the inquiry.

If you have serious issues with your palms and you need someone who can actually fix them, George Nottingham is the guy you are looking for. Please contact us at (800) 753 5127 and ask for Melissa. Melissa is George’s wife, she manages his schedule. She will help you with the initial evaluation and, if the circumstances warrant it, with engagement. If you like, you can also contact Melissa via email to  

Attached below is one of George’s recent site analysis reports. This is the final product of his work and if he is fully engaged, you will receive a similar report. It is delivered bound and is also presented in an online version.