Melissa Nottingham

Inspiring, dedicated, intuitive and intelligent; Melissa C. Nottingham is not just a champion, she is a role model for all of us and she spreads her good will and powerful motivation to everyone she comes into contact with. Melissa joined Groundworks over 10 years ago. She came to us with no experience in the industry but she brought along a mix of motivation, positivity and blatant honesty that made us smile and that taught each and every person she has come into contact with that she is trustworthy, she will do the right thing by them in every single instance and she will see to it that what she promises; we will do. Melissa has taught herself so much in her years here; she can tell you pretty much anything you may ever want to know about the material we sell, she has mastered the logistics, she gets all the issues our teams and customers face on site and she is the indispensible friend and life partner that has guided me and grounded me in so many ways. She is steadfast and reliable; standing with me, with our teams and with each of our customers on good days and bad, always there with a kind word, a sensible approach and a great plan for the day and its issues.MelChamp1 Quick, confident and dedicated; I recognize Melissa as the driving force behind my peace of mind and the success of this business. That’s the girl she is and all of us are privileged to know her, to have her choose to stand next to us and to lead our people in the office and in the field.

On any given morning, if the day is looking a little dim, give Melissa a call; her energy and enthusiasm will brighten your day; her straightforward concise presentation will leave you with the answers you needed and you will hang up with the sure knowledge that you just spoke to a real friend who is sincerely interested in the success of your business. That is just the kind of girl she is; call her, you’ll see.

Melissa Nottingham is a proven professional and she continues to grow every single day. She leads our teams company-wide and each of us is inspired by her confidence and leadership. Melissa is my wife; she is my confidant and she is my very best friend. She has dedicated herself to our tomorrows and to those of her customers. She is truly and in every respect a genuine Groundworks Champion; like I have said, that’s just the kind of girl she is and I hope you get the chance to know her; in a moment you will recognize her and I promise, you will come away smiling.