Groundworks Magictouch
Total Palm / Trunk Rejuvenation Program


After four to five years on site, many Specimen Date palms will develop secondary growths and molds on the trunks as well as other dangerous diseases or tissue damage. The trunks may blacken with sooty mold and you may notice some exterior wood decay. You may also notice a chronic die back of the lowest fronds and/or die back from the tips of the fronds.

The climate can be harsh and as time passes, the health and beauty of your palms may be partially diminished. Because basic date palm maintenance will not solve these problems, Groundworks developed MagicTouch®. MT is a unique rejuvenation protocol that address's all of the issues associated to aging with field proven solutions. MagicTouch® is a three visit program executed by fully trained professionals across a period of three months. Not only will we work to solve existing disease issues but will also rejuvenate and re-shape the trunks of your palms. If the exterior wood is intact when we arrive, we can usually bring the trunks back to a "near new" appearance. Once the MagicTouch® program has been completed, you can return to basic date palm maintenance with the knowledge that your date palms are happy & healthy.