Jeanie Yerger

This rain isn’t refreshing; it’s falling straight down in huge fleshy drops soaking everything and piling up everywhere; Jeez, soaking wet, covered in mud with rivulets running off my hard hat; Nothing but fun right? Two days onsite and though it’s messy, were getting it done. I see my guy’s playing pound-around in the slop and I know it’s time to get out of the rain for a while. Thinking that we can do the dance with this mess in any kind of reasonable time frame is expecting allot from the boys but that’s the mission and I guess we all expect a lot from each other here at Groundworks.
“Come on boys; let’s get out of the rain and eat; were going to wait for it to let up a little...”

We all deeply appreciate the people in the office and we know they do their best to see to it that we can practice the profession we love as often as possible. While my socks dry down a little and I have a few moments to reflect, I am finding myself drawn to a view of the business that I don’t often ponder and to thoughts of a person who stands resolutely and essentially in defense of all of us.

Our front office team does a fantastic job of keeping us busy and supporting our field operations; these dedicated professionals are the face & voice of our business and they are the folks that our customers communicate with when arranging for product deliveries or other services. They operate in a world where they must quickly & confidently make commitments; commitments that our customers will rely upon and which we must then meet. They make those promises with an absolute degree of confidence in Groundworks and its ability to finance the costs associated to getting each job done. Though they aren’t involved in the many complexities that create the stable financial platform we all operate upon, that stability is a constant in their lives and it exists, to a great extent, because of the effort and dedication of teammates who work behind the scenes and who the public may never actually see.

The financial stability of any business is predicated upon many things, not the least of which is the reliability and professionalism of its back office staff. These professionals are the cement in a foundation that we all rely so heavily upon. Here at Groundworks, behind the scenes in spaces that the public may not even knows exists, our financial stability is maintained and patrolled by a dedicated sentry. This eagle eyed sentry march’s through the night constantly vigilant and omnipresent; shoring up our foundation and insuring our security. She stands as an ally I can steadfastly depend upon to keep my eyes open and my bows headed to true north. This dedicated team mate is Ms. Lugenia Yerger and she is truly and in every sense of the term, a pure & proven Groundworks Champion.

JeanieCHAMP1Jeanie is a consummate, committed professional and her work enables everything we do; she subtly but essentially insures our financial security. Jeanie is everywhere, seeing anything that I miss, knowing everything that I need to know. She operates from the very heart of our home here creating the basis of our credibility and insuring our continued success. She dances with grace to a very complex and never ending tune making super complicated look easy. That is no exaggeration but if it’s hard to visualize, try seeing things through my eyes. To picture what I see, you would stare wide-eyed at an onslaught of numbers that are constantly bred by everything we do. You would see this deluge pushing incessantly into our midst threatening to overwhelm and crush us as it rushes into our days screaming for immediate attention.

You would see this wildly charging river of numbers converging into a nexus that sooths its raging personality, organizing and arranging it to create sensibility and nutrition for the animal that is Groundworks. The nexus I speak of exists in Jeanie’s truly amazing mind. Jeanie Yerger is the keeper of the keys here; she is the place where numbers find order and where I find clarity and accuracy.  Jeanie is an amazing human being; she can take it all in, set it all to order and then feed it all back out to me in bites I won’t choke on. She stands guard over our credit and sees to the financial health of a business that all of us rely on to pay our bills. Her efforts never cease and her dedication is limitless. To a great extent, our success is a product of the superb technical work that Jeanie delivers daily and I am often in awe of how she does what she does.

It is true that most of our customers will never meet nor even know of Jeanie Yerger but believe me when I tell you; we could not exist without her truly unique brand of genius and we would not be who we are today if not for her commitment and her steadfast dedication to this team and its success. Through the dark and difficult days of the past three years Jeanie’s sharp, calculating mind help me chart a course through the reefs and shoals of circumstance that threatened to destroy us. Her presence and commitment allowed me the constant clarity I needed to steer this ship through the worst of things to new success and continuing prosperity.
I am very proud to have Ms. Lugenia Yerger stand as my friend, ally and trusted associate. Jeanie is a Vice President here; she is a vital component of my peace of mind, she is brutally honest and completely trustworthy and she is in the fullest sense of the term, a hard core, battle proven Groundworks Champion.

We’re going to get back to work now; the rain is letting up and if I am not mistaken I can see a bit of sunlight out there. Wow; that feels good. Let’s get it done boys...