Installation Services

Installation Services


TEAM GROUNDWORKS – Delivering “Exceptional” with every project we engage.

When you hire Groundworks to install your Landscape and Specimen palms, you are hiring a team of dedicated, experienced professionals who are recognized industry wide as the master craftsmen of our field. Your site, soils and cultural conditions are carefully inspected & analyzed in advance of site operations. Our experienced eye will identify every issue that might impact the performance of the landscape during the months & years after it is completed. With that information in hand, your project is planned by seasoned project coordinators with decades in the field under their belts. When the project moves to implementation, you won’t see a bunch of sloppy looking guys doing sloppy work; you will experience what it means to have dedicated field teams delivering career driven expertise. Our field teams are led by Groundworks Field Directors; becoming a Field Director here is a career milestone that requires three years of specialized apprentice training after at least 2 years as a crew team member. During this 5 year term most candidates wash out but for those few who do not, what results is the some of the finest field leadership in the industry. Your Landscape is installed with every detail addressed and your Specimen Palms are planted safely and properly. You receive a one-year limited warranty that Groundworks honors with no fuss or whining and we show up to do warranty work without you having to chase us around. Once we are through, we can provide detailed maintenance instructions to you or your designee and you can count on preferential scheduling treatment if you need advice after the warranty period has ended.

So what does all of this mean to you? It means reliable long-term performance and excellent value for the money you invest in Landscape improvements. We understand that non problematic performance and consistently stunning aesthetics are the basis for quantifying 'value' when investing in Landscape improvements. We know that when the beauty and reliability you sought is achieved in reality you have received good value for your money. We also believe that where it isn’t, your money was poorly spent and we will not allow that to occur. So, Jack-of-all-trades but master of none? Nope; not at Groundworks. We are dedicated horticulturists who will integrate your new trees, palms, plants & turf into the site and once we are done, the completed landscape we deliver to you will be truly exceptional. Your landscape will be beautiful, functional and inspiring. Your friends are going to think you have a green thumb and you will look back on the money you spent with us smiling at the great deal and exceptional experience you enjoyed.  

Call us or send us an email; we can come out to meet with you at no charge or obligation and we will work closely with you to create an outdoor environment that enhances your property and your life.